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Living With the Affordable Care Act – Requirements and Resources for your Veterinary Practice

  Veterinarians’ loss of their AVMA Group Health Insurance delivered the sobering reality that we need to be ready for the changes occurring in our health insurance system.  Veterinarians will be facing these changes from the standpoint of our own individual insurance, and as business owners. Leaving the politics of this aside, learning what we […]

Financing Options – Buying a Veterinary Practice

David B. Gerber, DVM, AVA – Simmons Northwest David F. King, DVM, AVA – Simmons Southcentral (Financing Options_  Click for a PDF of this article) WHO IS THE BUYER? Who is buying veterinary practices?  We see a few recent grads, but they are often restricted by borrowing limitations.  The largest pool is those out of […]

Want to Buy a Practice? The Devil is in the details

David King, DVM CVA – Simmons Southcentral Dave Gerber, DVM CVA – Simmons Northwest Ownership‘s “Big Stick One of my heroes of history, Theodore Roosevelt, once said “Speak softly but carry a big stick” and I liken that somewhat to practice ownership. There is just no substitute for carrying that ‘Big Stick.’ There are many […]

Fence Sitting – When to Sell Your Veterinary Practice

Byron Farquer, DVM, AVA ~ Simmons Pacific | Simmons Southwest My neighbor, a kindly older gentleman, freely shares advice every once in awhile when we find ourselves across the fence from each other in our respective pastures.  His comments are often insightful reminding me of the neighbor, Mr. Wilson, in the hit TV show, Tool […]

Veterinary Practice Ownership Options ~ What Are My Choices?

David King, DVM, AVA ~ Simmons Southcentral Dave Gerber, DVM, AVA ~ Simmons Northwest What Is Your Mindset? In the private practice arena, there are, essentially, three career choices, those being associates, relief DVMs, and owners. Each requires a different mindset. Not everyone can or even has a desire to become a veterinary practice owner. […]

The Veterinary Inventory Management Guide

Byron Farquer, DVM, AVA Simmons Pacific & Southwest Inventory is the second largest expense in the veterinary practice, next to the cost of labor. It often consumes 20% or more of gross revenue and, left unchecked may swell to considerably more. Profitability becomes a challenge when large expense categories are not constrained to appropriate benchmark […]

Economics 101

Byron Farquer, DVM, AVA Simmons Pacific –  Economics 101. What a misnomer. It implies that there is something meaningful achieved by completing a few weeks of study or a syllabus regarding general information surrounding supply/demand issues or the monetary system we all use in everyday practice. But it‘s not enough. Even if you had time […]