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The Cost of Technology in Veterinary Practice

By: Joe Stephenson, MA – Simmons Northeast – As a veterinary business appraiser and broker I see droves of young veterinarians reared on cutting edge technology, hungry for practices thoroughly equipped with blinking lights and high resolution screens. I also see practice owners sink all of their earnings into new gadgets just before they retire. […]

Can Your Veterinary Practice Be Too Profitable?

By: Nikki Nitz, CPA CMA –  There is a lot of information circulating about No-Lo practices. But how about we flip the coin and talk about highly profitable practices? You would think that there should be no issue with having a higher profit percentage correct? Well, think again. A No-Lo practice is one that has […]

Leases, Leases, Everywhere Leases

By Kirsten Poppen, JD, CVA Simmons  Midwest – Why is my practice not making any money? Let’s examine your expenses.  Many of you have heard of No-Lo Practices, a term that has hit front and center in the veterinary consultant world.  No-Lo: Practices with No to Low Value.  No-Lo Practices aren’t necessarily a bad investment, […]

Dealing With Leases in Veterinary Practice Sales

Elizabeth Bellavance, Simmons Canada ~ It is becoming more common for suppliers of veterinary products and services to enter into long-term contractual agreements with veterinary practice owners. These agreements can have far reaching implications for practice owners, especially if owners wish to sell their practice during the term of the agreement. Caution is advised before […]

Veterinary Practice Ownership – Leaving a Legacy

by: Jim Stephenson, DVM, CBA – Simmons Northeast Few people have the opportunity to leave a legacy as lasting as a veterinarian who has fulfilled their career as a practice owner.  The essence of what they build can become integrated into the culture and history of their community, the surrounding veterinary community, and become a […]

Expanded & Updated Third Edition of “Your Veterinary Practice – Buying, Selling & Merging” is Now Available

BOOK HELPING VETERINARIANS WITH PRACTICE VALUATION AND OWNERSHIP Expanded & Updated Third Edition of “Your Veterinary Practice – Buying, Selling & Merging” is Now Available Click Here For PDF:  Your Veterinary Practice – Buying Selling & Merging October 10, 2014, St. Simons Island, GA — Simmons & Associates, a company specializing exclusively in veterinary practice […]

The Wonderful World of Profit ~ How and Why to Abuse it … or Not

Doyle Watson, DVM Simmons Southeast –  It is no secret or surprise that many small, closely-held American business owners, including veterinarians, manage their business expenses and tax return net income (earnings) with the motive of tax minimization. In the world of profit, taxes and veterinary practice value, “Earnings” is the balance remaining from gross revenues […]

Practice Appraisals as a Management Tool

David McCormick, Simmons Mid-Atlantic –  Most practice owners are familiar with having their practice appraised when it is time to exit from ownership (transactions need to be based on a fair market value or it may not be successful for anyone.) Unfortunately, having your practice appraised for reasons other than a sale is often overlooked completely […]

Pharmacy – Revenue Stream or Profit Drain?

Sherry Everhart BS, RVT & David McCormick, MS ~ Simmons MidAtlantic For a PDF of this article, click here:  Pharmacy_Revenue Stream or Profit Drain One of the hot management topics this year is the pharmacy. Many veterinary practice owners are concerned as to the future of their pharmacy sales and whether they should even continue […]