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Measuring Demand for Veterinary Services

Dick Goebel, DVM – Simmons Great Lakes Click here for PDF — Measuring Demand for Veterinary Services  This article was originally posted on Any reproduction on any other site is prohibited and a violation of copyright laws.

How to Figure Your Practice‘s True Profit: It‘s Not That Hard

David B. Gerber, DVM, BA Simmons Northwest What is Profit? Profit is the amount of money remaining after paying all expenses for the practice. Those expenses include all of the normal operating expenses which includes a reasonable veterinary salary for the owner, management compensation for the owner, and fair rent on the facility if owned […]


Stanley R. Creighton, DVM, Diplomate, ACVIM, Internal Medicine CEO, National Veterinary Associates, Inc. And Dick Goebel, DVM President, Simmons Great Lakes Practice owners too often are focused on the day to day challenges of patient care, client service and staff management that they overlook factors affecting profitability and practice value. In this session, the authors […]

How can the “perfect” veterinary practice have little to no value?

Doyle Watson, DVM, Simmons Southeast The Great Heartbreak! A practice is grossing say $1.2 mil, offers quality service and medicine, high single digit growth, primo demographics, all the toys—-the perfect veterinary practice! Except for one key ingredient—-After all the real and necessary annually recurring operating expenses, including professional staffing and management, there is very little […]

How can Anyone Afford to Buy My $1,000,000 Veterinary Practice?

Question: How can Anyone Afford to Buy my $1,000,000 Veterinary Practice? Answer: Because it “Cash Flows” Doyle Watson, DVM, Simmons Southeast In a previous Advocate article (September, 07), we mentioned that a practice must “cash flow” before someone could afford to buy it or get it financed. We said it was the topic of another article. […]

Is My Practice Worth One Year’s Gross?

We are continually impressed by the number of times we hear veterinary practice value being based upon some percentage of gross revenues. This concept is often suggested by some finance companies as well as veterinarians and even an occasional Accountant, but rarely by those who are familiar with business appraisal methodology. Take, for example, the […]

What Creates Veterinary Practice Value?

David Gerber, DVM, Simmons Northwest Strictly speaking, a veterinary practice’s value is a function of its profitability. It is profitability that determines the maximum amount for which a practice can sell and still satisfy the financial requirements of buyers and lenders. But there are other intangible qualities that make one practice more “valuable to buyers […]