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Are you considering an offer from a corporate? Do you know if your practice is a candidate for a corporate purchase? Do you think that only a corporate can afford your practice?

If you receive an offer from a corporate buyer; is it the best offer? Is it the only offer? You should realize that there are many prospective corporate buyers. If one is courting there are others who should and will be if presented with the opportunity. Knowledge and understanding the opportunities that are out there is powerful when it is time to sell your veterinary practice.

Simmons navigates the pitfalls, compares offers and ensures the most suitable transition plan; while you concentrate on what you do best…caring for your patients, staff and practice.

We ease the burden of the immense points of communication required to explore all options from all corporate consolidators. We become your focal point of all communication with other parties. We make sure all issues are brought to light for your consideration. You will need to communicate only with us, your attorney and CPA.

Please Contact Me About Selling My Practice to a Corporate Buyer

If you’ve decided you are interested in pursuing a corporate sale further and wonder if you would benefit from our help, simply ask yourself these questions.

How many sales have I been through personally? Were any of them corporate sales?

Do I have the time and resources to negotiate all aspects of the deal?

What is a fair deal? What are my colleagues getting?  Where did they win, where did they lose?

Can I devote a number of hours a week, and sometimes a number of hours a day, to this project and still run my practice efficiently?

Who are the best attorneys and accountants that have corporate sale experience, and which ones fit which consolidators best?

Do I fully understand the difference between the fair market value price I can achieve from a private buyer and the corporate investment value I should be negotiating with the consolidator?

Speaking of corporate consolidators, how many do I know? Am I missing talking to the very one that would provide me the best price and the best terms?

Can I complete a logical and clear financial pro-forma justifying the price?

What usually goes wrong during the due diligence stage of the purchase? What issues kill the deal 90% of the time?