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The Simmons eTIMES covers many issues involved in veterinary practice sales – buying a veterinary practice and selling a practice, real estate issues, practice valuations, financing concerns and questions.  The eTIMES is filled with valuable tips, articles, guest articles and industry happenings.

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January 2018 – Product Sales, Profitability and Veterinary Practice Value. Is there a connection?
November 2017 – Selling Your Veterinary Practice ~ Private vs. Corporate
September 2017
– Laboratory Service Agreement – Know the nuances behind your signature
May 2017 –   Hiring the Right Team & Veterinary Practice Value – How are they related? By, Elizabeth Bellavance DVM MBA, Simmons Canada
March 2017 – Veterinary Practice Profitability Trends & Tips, by: Kirsten Poppen, JD, CVA – Simmons Midwest
January 2017 – The Long Term Service Contract Dilemma, by Wilson McManus II, DVM CVPM
November 2016 – Who Can Afford to Buy & Can You Afford to Wait to Sell? – by Niki Nitz, CPA, CMA
September 2016 – 8 Facts Veterinary Practice Owners Need to Know about Corporate Consolidators – By David King, DVM, CVA
July 2016 – Is Veterinary Practice Ownership For You? – David McCormick, MS & Sherry Everhart BS, RV
May 2016 – 6 Common Questions Veterinarians Ask When Buying or Selling a Practice, by: Byron Farquer, DVM, CVA
January 2016 – 9 KPI’s to Assess the Financial Health of Your Veterinary Practice
November 2015 – The Cost of Technology in Veterinary Practice, by:  Joe Stephenson, MA – Simmons Northeast
September 2015 – Can Your Veterinary Practice be Too Profitable? | Meet Stacy Cadieux, CBI – Simmons Southcentral
July 2015 – Leases, Leases Everywhere!, by Kirsten Poppen, JD, CVA
May 2015 – Equipment Leasing and Your Practice Sale | Veterinary Ledgends of the Southwest, Jerry Simmons, DVM
March 2015 – Veterinary Practice Ownership ~ Leaving a Legacy  | UF Student Lands $15,000 SEF Award
January 2015 – Veterinary Practice Ownership and Student Debt ~ How Can This Possibly Work Out?  | Simmons Northeast is excited to announce the opening of their New York office!
November 2014 – Veterinary Practice Ownership ~ Your Path to Financial Security
September 2014 – Your First Six Weeks of Veterinary Practice Ownership | Questions to Ask Before Partnership
July 2014 – The Wonderful World of Profit, by Doyle Watson, DVM |  Preparing Your Veterinary Practice For Sale, by David King, DVM, CVA
May 2014 – Pharmacy – Revenue Stream or Profit Drain? | Meet Wilson McManus II, DVM CVPM – Simmons MidSouth
March 2014 – Sell at the Peak, Don’t Drown in the Valley | Welcome Simmons MidSouth!
January 2014 – Veterinary Practice Valuation to Assist With Informed Decision Making | Meet Carly Watson, Simmons Southeast
November 2013 – Prevent Costly Mistakes in Your Veterinary Practice| Meet Sherry Everhart, Simmons MidAtlantic
September 2013 – Living With the Affordable Care Act – Requirements and Resources
July 2013 – How Preparing For Sale Now Can Lead To a Bigger Profit Later | Simmons Launches New Website
May 2013 – Should I Sell Only a Portion of My Veterinary Practice?  |  Meet Kathy Morris, Simmons Intermountain
March 2013  – Is Practice Ownership for you? Meet Miki Benner, Simmons Mid-Atlantic & Simmons Great Lakes
January 2013 – Rich Owner, Poor Owner – What they don’t teach you in college about building practice value & personal wealth.  |Meet Dick Goebel, DVM
November 2012 – Is a formal practice valuation important? |  Meet David King, DVM, CVA Simmons Southcentral
September 2012 – Common Questions When Buying and Selling Your Veterinary Practice
July 2012 C-Corps – A Lay Person’s Pitch to Looking Ahead, by Kirsten Poppen, JD, AVA
May 2012 On The Fence, by Byron Farquer, DVM, AVA
March 2012 Embezzlement ~ Is your practice at risk?