Selling Your Veterinary Practice

Selling a veterinary practice is often the largest financial transaction made during a doctor’s lifetime and involves much more than just setting a price.

You have spent your career building a successful practice and now it’s time to change course. You need to make sure you are leaving behind your legacy to a new team that is professional and shares your values.

Selling to an associate?
Selling to a colleague?
Looking for a buyer?

There are many things to consider and evaluate before selling your practice, and Simmons has the experience and methodology to get the best return on your investment. A Simmons advisor in your area can take your through all the steps. With our regional and national reach, we are able to provide:

  • Business counsel to appraise and price your practice at the best price and value
  • Contract negotiations so you can focus on what is important during your transition
  • Proprietary database to determine market value and buyer interest
  • Marketing your business to sell: helping you to get it ready for purchase
  • Advertising to help promote the veterinary practice you have for sale
  • Marketing outreach at trade shows, speaking conventions, and local events
  • Ability to reach veterinarians who are looking for a practice for sale through our interactive web site
  • Confidentiality to help keep your staff free from worry
  • Transition process to help your new owners continue some of the best practices you have put in place

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