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Are you looking to find a keynote speaker or workshop facilitator for your next meeting? 
Several of us are available to speak at your local, state, regional, or national meetings on numerous topics related to buying, selling, or appraising practices, or on other practice management topics. Our honoraria are typical of others in the profession.

Doyle Watson, DVM

30+ Year Veteran as a Veterinary Practice Appraiser & Broker, Author and Speaker
Dr. Doyle Watson earned his doctorate in veterinary medicine from the University of Georgia in 1976 and established two small animal practices in Georgia. In 1985, he purchased half interest in Simmons & Associates and established and managed the East Coast office. Dr. Watson later fully acquired Simmons & Associates nationwide in 1990 and set up a regional network of 11 offices to serve veterinarians coast to coast. To share the latest clinical and management information with our profession, Dr. Watson founded Veterinary Forum, a national veterinary journal, which he sold in 1996. Dr. Watson is a licensed real-estate broker in eight Southeastern states and a licensed veterinarian in Georgia and Florida. In addition to veterinary association memberships, Dr. Watson belongs to the American Society of Appraisers and Institute of Business Appraisers. He lectures on veterinary practice sales and valuations nationwide. He is well-respected among veterinary colleagues as an expert in appraisal and brokerage.


  • The Great Heartbreak, Perfect Practice — Low Value Synopsis: Is your practice as profitable as you think? Is the value what you expect? Learn why practice profit and value is often a major surprise and critical disappointment to owners. Simple solutions to a major problem.
  • How Practice Price is Determined by Adjusted Net Cash Flow Synopsis: So your practice profit and value is much less than you expected? Is this the end-all? Are your plans for the future dashed in one blow? Has life as you expected come crashing down? Or is there some way to sell the practice for more than it is worth? Adjusted Net Cash Flow —-the answer to life’s worries.
  • The Income Tax Impact of your Practice Sale and Consequences Synopsis: So you’ve sold your practice but had to take out a loan to pay Uncle Sam. Forget him? What could you have done before closing to minimize the tax impact? What could you do to eliminate or defer the tax from your practice sale?
  • Contents to a Practice Sale/Purchase Contract Synopsis: Buying or selling a practice? What are the issues to resolve? When to address and resolve them? Will an old fashioned handshake do it? What format to use. Who can help me? Who should help me? Come learn what to include in your agreement and how and when to do it.
  • The Great Giveaway Synopsis: There may be good reasons to sell a portion of your practice. But there may be great ones not to. Many factors influence the answer. Come find out to do or don’t.
  • Should the Real Estate be sold with the practice? Synopsis: My real estate is my security blanket in case the buyer defaults on the practice. It is gaining in value and is a source of income. I don’t want to pay the income tax from the sale. The buyer can’t afford it anyway. Why should I sell it? Why not?
  •  The Value of Medical Records. Synopsis: I want to retire. No one wants my practice. Will someone buy records only? My neighbor is closing his practice. Should I buy his records and merge with mine? Don’t consider them worthless or take them for granted.

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Byron S. Farquer, DVM, CVA

Farquer 2011 compressedDr. Farquer is a Boettcher Scholar, and graduated from Colorado State University with honors, in 1991. He completed advanced research projects in equine orthopedics and assisted in the development of academic programs for use in the veterinary training program at CSU in swine production medicine and bovine herd health analysis and enterprise budgeting and analysis prior to entering private practice as mixed animal practitioner. With a portfolio of experience that includes veterinary hospital ownership, advanced business and real-estate education, Dr. Farquer is a recognized expert in ownership transition planning and practice valuation. He is a frequent national lecturer and author on veterinary business development and structuring, practice financial analysis, asset growth, brand image, and strategic business planning including alternative exit strategies for owners.

Currently Dr. Farquer is President of Simmons Pacific and Southwest and serves on a number of veterinary industry advisory boards. He is a founder of a veterinary business tools educational program, a content advisor for a national multi-media medical education network, and an original Charter Member of the Association of Veterinary Practice Management Consultants and Advisors.

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David McCormick, MS, CVA

david mccormick 2012David McCormick consults and speaks nationally on veterinary practice management issues focusing on practice valuation and ownership issues, the buying and selling veterinary practices and veterinary demographics. He also operates Simmons & Associates Mid-Atlantic with his partner and father, Larry McCormick, DVM, MBA, CBA.

Mr. McCormick is involved nationally in practitioner management education. He has presented and/or is scheduled to present at the Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conference, the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Annual Convention, the Western Veterinary Conference, and the North American Veterinary Conference. He is also a member of the teaching team for the American Animal Hospital Association’s Art of Veterinary Practice Success, a four day workshop held in October and February. David McCormick is a member of the Institute of Business Appraisers and has completed the course of study,Valuing Closely Held Businesses, conducted by this organization. He was also the Program Coordinator for the practice management component of the American Veterinary Medical Association’s 2003-2007 Conventions.

David McCormick is a Charter Member of VetPartners and is currently the Immediate Past President. He also serves on the AVPMCA Nominating Committee and the Valuation Issues Committee.


  • Actively Listening to Your Clients AND Your Staff
  • New Ideas for Your Practice – The little things do count
  • The Practice Appraisal – for Management Not Just Selling
  • Owner Exit Strategy? Me?
  • Is Selling a Part of Your Practice the Right Choice?
  • Practice Value: What You Need To Know
  • Your Practice Tax Return – As A Management Tool?
  • How to Buy a Veterinary Practice

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David F. King, DVM, CVA

David_King_2012_smallDr. King is a 1987 graduate from Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine. In 1989, he founded Crossroads Pet Hospital, located in Carrollton, Texas, which he operated for 13 years. He received the Smith Kline Beecham “Practice of Excellence” award and a Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Award. Among his other businesses he and his wife Teresa own Bar King Ranch located in Scurry. Dr. King recently founded Golden Opportunity Veterinary Rescue Organization which provides veterinary services to breed rescue organizations. He has also co-founded the North Texas Pet Emergency Clinic. He is a Lifetime Member of the Texas Veterinary Medical Association as well as a member of several other state veterinary medical associations. He is also a charter member of the Association of Veterinary Practice Management Consultants & Advisors.

Dr. King enjoys speaking on management and practice valuation topics. He has presented at AVMA, WVC, SWVS, and at state VMAs. He owns and operates Simmons Southcentral. He also is a board member for Simmons Educational Fund which was established to educate practitioners about the business aspects of the veterinary profession through speaking engagements, seminars, newsletters and other programs. In his spare time he enjoys restoring and driving his classic cars, especially his corvettes.

Titles presented by Dr. King:

  • How is Practice Value Created?
  • Student Debt and Practice Ownership — How can this work?
  • Tips to Prepare Your Practice for Sale
  • 40% Profit? Are You Sure?
  • What Are The Steps to Ownership?
  • Making Sense of Financial Statements
  • Practice Valuation “Rules of Thumb” – The Never-Ending Saga
  • Avoiding the Common Pitfalls When Buying or Selling a Practice
  • Ten Myths of Practice Sales
  • FAQs of Buying or Selling a Practice
  • Job Hunting with an Attitude
  • Can I, Should I, or Do I Even Want to Own a Practice?
  • Entrance Strategies – What Buyers Really Need to Know
  • Hall of Fame of Marketing Tips
  • You’re a Great Doctor – So What!
  • Wow Your Clients, Wow Your Boss! – Marketing Tips
  • (this is a sampling of available topics)

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 Jim Stephenson, DVM, CBA

Stephenson 2010Dr. Jim Stephenson, the “Profit Preacher” believes in generating enthusiasm and motivating his audience to become better at personal fulfillment through successful practice ownership.

He enjoys sharing his business and practice experience and expertise earned since 1979 as founder and owner of two successful hospitals in the Northeast and owner of Simmons & Associates Northeast since 1993.  He shares his acquired knowledge and specialty in practice ownership transition with sellers and buyers as a trusted advisor and colleague.   Jim continues to apply himself in the pursuit of excellence in the arena as a practice transition specialist as a charter member of VetPartners, where he is an active committee member of the practice valuations committee and was heavily involved in development of the No-Lo Threat Advisory Worksheet.

Jim has presented at local and national meetings, to associates and owners, to VIN members and to student groups as well.  As a practice appraiser, ownership transition and profitability consultant, Jim is available to help educate and motivate the profession in matters of practice finance, ownership feasibility and related professional success and fulfillment.

Available Titles by Jim Stephenson, DVM

Professional Success Series

  • Why Owning a Practice is your Best Investment Ever!
  • Measuring Profitability-Using the No-Lo Threat Advisory Worksheet as a Self- Diagnostic Tool for Profitability
  • 12 Step Program to a Profitable Practice and Professional Success
  • Business Intelligence and Professional Success-Using Metrics and Budgets for Profitability

Other Topics

  • Moving in and Moving Out—The Ins and Outs of Buying and Selling a Practice Everyone Forgets to Mention
  • Myths of Practice Appraisals-What Kind of Appraisal do I Really Need?
  • Exit Strategies-When the Time is Right
  • Fractional Ownership-Is a Partnership for Me?

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Dick Goebel, DVM

Dr. Goebel, Simmons & Associates Great Lakes.  Dr. Goebel is Special Assistant to the Dean at Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine where his responsibilities include practice management education for veterinary students and technician students, and leadership in special clinical and development projects.

Dr. Goebel serves as a faculty member for the Finance Module of the Veterinary Management Institute, a certificate series of the AAHA & Krannert Executive Education Programs, Krannert School of Management, Purdue University.

Dr. Goebel currently serves as a facilitator for Veterinary Study Groups, Inc., a company that spawns and supports veterinary management study groups.

Titles presented by Dick Goebel, DVM:

Merger and Acquisition:  Strategies for Growth or Exit
Participants will learn of opportunities found in merging practices or acquiring a neighboring practice. Efficiencies related to volumes of scale will be identified as will elimination of redundancies. The financial result can be very gratifying.

$$How Well Are You Doing?$$
What is happening to practice profitability? Participants will learn of an emerging and worrisome trend regarding profit, will be introduced to a tool to diagnose profit problems, and will become familiar with the tool’s use.

Optimizing Practice Profit, Part I
Once the profit problem is diagnosed, what can we do? Parts I and II will explore the most common barriers to profit that range from revenue deficiencies to out of control expenses in the area of personnel, cost of professional services (drugs, supplies, lab, and imaging), and facility costs.

Optimizing Practice Profit, Part II

Measuring Demand for Veterinary Services
Whether considering a start-up, a major remodel, a relocation or just want to improve your products and services with what your clients actually want and need, tools for measuring demand for services are important. Participants will be introduced to concepts for measuring demand and sources for some of the tools and advice.

Optimizing Practice Value
Interested in increasing your practice value? Implement these concepts, enjoy greater profits and realize greater practice value.

Ownership Transition for the Solo Practice: Planning the Exit Ahead
What options do you have for ownership transition? It is dangerous to put all your eggs in one basket. Join us and consider all the options.

Buying your first practice
Think that you have to have cash and no debt before you buy? Think again. Buy the right practice, increase your cash flow and reduce debt. We’ll discuss how.

Management Strategies in Uncertain Times
Do you think strategically and like to plan ahead? Come learn how important this can be. Bonus: tips on optimizing productivity and cutting expense.

Common Pitfalls in Support Staff Management
Challenges in staff selection, training, performance appraisal and reward systems can be challenging. We’ll discuss key elements of staff management as well as regulatory parameters of employment.

For more information or to book Dr. Goebel, please email Simmons Great Lakes