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Your Veterinary Practice ~ Buying, Selling & Merging: Third Edition

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Expanded & Updated, Third Edition
Dr. Byron Farquer and Dr. Doyle Watson, Executive Editors

  • Selling a practice?
  • Merging a practice?
  • Wondering how?

Simmons & Associates announces the release of the Third Edition of Your Veterinary Practice — Buying, Selling and Merging. The book is published by the Simmons Educational Fund and is aimed at helping veterinarians with buying or selling a practice. Written and edited by the veterinary practice transition experts at Simmons who have gathered and documented many issues facing veterinarians today.

  • Case studies from 40 years experience
  • “Hot Tips” to ensure a smooth and successful transaction
  • Questions to ask and answer when buying or selling a practice
  • Solid statistics based on actual practice sale profiles

The Third Edition amends and expands on the work of the sold out Second Edition:

  • Special Section on the No-Lo Practice
  • Updated Statistics
  • Entirely new section on social media and marketing your veterinary practice
  • Updated and revised content throughout

For decades, veterinarians have been buying and selling practices without a comprehensive guide. Veterinarians have often relied on friends and outside professionals with critical choices in business. With this new book, veterinarians can rely on proven information and helpful tips when looking to sell to an associate, buy a new practice or simply retire. The book also goes in-depth on how to start up a practice, buy a pre-existing practice and an introduction to mergers and acquisitions.

“Most veterinarians are engrained with myths such as only corporations can buy million dollar practices and that you need a large down payment to buy a practice,” says editor Dr. Byron Farquer. “We know the common misperceptions and deal with them everyday. That’s why Dr. Watson and I, with Simmons, felt it was important to document and create a guide to help veterinarians nationwide.”

Your Veterinary Practice — Buying, Selling and Merging explores important questions like, “What type of practice do you want to buy and what is your current financial situation?” and “What is your management style and what is most important to you when selling your practice?”  With funding help from the Simmons Educational Fund, the book is currently available for $45.95.

About the Executive Editors

Dr. Byron Farquer has a portfolio of experience that includes hospital ownership, business and real-estate education, and academic honors. Dr. Farquer offers insightful advice to clients who are buying or selling practices. He has received training in accounting, business practices, appraisals, business assessment, and corporate management. Dr. Farquer holds veterinary licenses in California, Montana, Colorado, and Wyoming, as well as real-estate licensing. He is an Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA), credentialed by the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts.

“The sales on the first two editions were amazing! We are always thrilled to hear from readers of our book and know that it has helped them better understand the intricacies of veterinary practice sales, valuations and ownership.” Dr. Doyle Watson, President, Simmons & Associates.

Dr. Doyle Watson earned his doctorate in veterinary medicine from the University of Georgia and established two small animal practices in Georgia. In 1985, he purchased half interest in Simmons & Associates and established and managed the East Coast office. Dr. Watson later fully acquired Simmons & Associates nationwide in 1990 and set up a regional network of 10 offices to serve veterinarians coast to coast. To share the latest clinical and management information with our profession, Dr. Watson founded Veterinary Forum, a national veterinary journal, which he sold in 1996.  Dr. Watson is a licensed real-estate broker in seven Southeastern states and a licensed veterinarian in Georgia and Florida. In addition to veterinary association memberships, Dr. Watson belongs to the American Society of Appraisers and Institute of Business Appraisers. He lectures on veterinary practice sales and valuations nationwide.  He is well respected among veterinary colleagues as an expert in appraisal and brokerage.

All book proceeds go to the Simmons Educational Fund

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