Pay off those student loans early! This could be your ticket!   If you would like to practice in a new, modern and spacious facility, this is your practice.  If you would like to practice with all the newest equipment you could ever imagine, this is your practice.  If you would like to own a practice that grew at an annualized rate of 8.1 percent per year over the last three years, this is your practice.  If you would like to avoid the daily commute to your practice, this is your practice.  THIS IS YOUR PRACTICE!!  Grossing 1.25M, this multi-doctor sVeterinary Practice For Salemall animal practice offers a full complement of medicine and surgery and is also a leader in the state on integrative and complementary alternative medicine.   Housed in a nearly new, spacious, purpose built and modern facility, it is no wonder the practice is growing so well!  All of the equipment you could ever imagine needing is available to help provide a broad array of services. The equipment includes digital radiography, ultrasound, an underwater treadmill and many other nearly new and modern tools of technology and current applications of veterinary medicine. The grounds include a four bedroom, 3,225 sq. ft. home that is offset and private from the practice, as well as a garage and an additional building that houses the crematorium.  A perfect pasture for horses or your small farm is part of this 3.75 acre parcel. The property has been recently appraised at $550,000. This is a great opportunity to balance having a thriving business with the charming quality of life in Maine. The price for practice and real estate is a very reasonable $1,050,000 (REDUCED BY AN ADDITIONAL  100k IF OFFER ACCEPTED PRIOR TO FEB. 2017), and you will have absolutely no problem obtaining financing for this purchase. The cash flow after debt (pre-tax) is estimated at over 172,000 after debt (pre-tax) at typical financing scenarios at the $1,050,000 price. ($188,000 AT REDUCED PRICE)   This includes a full size house (no extra mortgage) and a very, very nice practice facility.  Or, the practice can be purchased separately without the house, if preferred.   If you are seriously in the game, move on this cash cow!!!

If you want a great practice at a great practice and an opportunity to build wealth, all in a great environment to live and work, let’s have a talk about this opportunity!


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Listing Number: ME138