Practice Visit Check List (PDF of Checklist)

At Simmons we realize that a practice visit can be exciting and sometimes overwhelming. In order to make sure you get all you can out of your visit, we have compiled a checklist of items you will want to take note of while in the practice and the community.

o Area growth relative to practice location 1 2 3
o Schools, Shopping, entertainment 1 2 3
o Neighborhoods in client draw area 1 2 3
o Community activities available 1 2 3
o Businesses/Homes adjacent to practice 1 2 3
o General overall appearance 1 2 3
o General overall condition 1 2 3
o Size 1 2 3
o Layout 1 2 3
o Traffic flow 1 2 3
o Possibilities for expansion 1 2 3
o Equipment: type, age 1 2 3
o Inventory: type, age 1 2 3
o Staff, scheduling and skill 1 2 3
o Review medical records 1 2 3
o Client education 1 2 3
o Client follow-up system 1 2 3
o Computers/networking/software 1 2 3
Ask yourself these questions when evaluating whether you should buy a specific practice:
Does the practice require solo or multi-doctor services?
What is the practice’s medical and management philosophy?
Are the facility and equipment acceptable, or do I want a “fixer upper” practice?
Is this a typical general practice, or does it have significant niche areas in special procedures?
Are other services available in the area? (specialists, emergency centers, universities).

We do ask that all financial questions and discussions of price & terms be reserved for discussion with the Simmons professionals. The seller has been asked not to answer questions of a financial nature during a visit to keep the visit focused on the practice characteristics and philosophies. Please do feel free to ask about staff, clientele, community, procedures, office policies, equipment, practice history, etc.

After you visit one of our listings you will receive a brief questionnaire or be requested to provide us with your impressions concerning your visit. It is most helpful to us at Simmons to receive this feedback. It allows us to offer both compliments and constructive criticism to the seller. In addition, the more specifics we know about your likes and dislikes, the better equipped we are to help match you with your ideal practice.

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