$3,000 Awarded to 29 Veterinary Students

June 15, 2011, St. Simons Island, Georgia – Today the Simmons Educational Fund (SEF) announced the 29 veterinary students who have been chosen to receive the SEF Business Aptitude Award.  Each year the SEF recognizes students who distinguish themselves by demonstrating a keen interest in and aptitude for the pursuit of business excellence in veterinary medicine.

The SEF regional winners are chosen either by a school committee or by a Simmons regional leader.  The $3,000 award is presented at the school’s awards ceremony.  The SEF regional winners then go on to the SEF national competition for a chance to win $15,000 and a trip to the North American Veterinary Conference (NAVC) in Orlando where the award will be presented.

The 2011 Business Aptitude Award Winners:

Taylor Tillery – Oklahoma State Bob Najafi – Georgia
Jeremy Gallman – Auburn Andrea Vanderson – UC Davis
Alicia Hines – Illinois April Van Valin – Iowa State
Jennifer Darby – KSU Lauren Wineinger – Missouri
Holly Mariott – Texas A&M Elisha Adkins – Oregon State
Claire Scott – LSU Chris Magie – Miss State
Mitchell Barnett  – Ross Lesli Kibler – Wisconsin
Misti Noxoll – WSU David Kleisch – N Carolina State
Natalie Schuster – Ohio State Laura Seheult – Florida
Joy Fuhrman – Colorado State Baye Williamson – Tenn
Ashley Craig – Tuskegee Thomas Robinson – Michigan State
Kursten Roderick – Western Holly Stewart – Penn
Mike Mallard – Purdue Victoria Long – VA-MD
Lisa Thompson – Minnesota Lily Nieh – Tufts
Ingrid Anne Rhinehart – Cornell

Want to know how to apply next year?  If you are a student or would like to recommend our program to an aspiring veterinarian in school, check with your schools’ Student Affairs Coordinator or contact the Simmons office in your area for details.

About SEF

The SEF is a non-profit corporation founded in 2002 by Simmons & Associates. It was created to educate practitioners and students about the business of veterinary medicine. Since it’s founding, the SEF has reached thousands of veterinarians through its newsletters and sponsorship of speaking engagements, CE meetings, and veterinary organizations such as NCVEI, VBMA, VLE, and others with similar goals.  The SEF will award over $100,000 to veterinary students in 2011.  Additional information about the SEF can be found at or by calling 800.846.0062.

About Simmons & Associates

Simmons specializes exclusively in veterinary practice sales, valuations, and negotiations.  For over 33 years, Simmons has been a trusted business advisor and broker to thousands of veterinarians buying and selling practices.  Veterinarians can learn more about buying or selling a practice at or by calling 800.333.1984.

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