The Beaties - Simmons Inc.

“We remain amazed and very grateful the sale actually went through. Who would have thought it would take place during the middle of a pandemic? So, every day we get to spend it together doing our favorite things, we are thankful for all that you did to help this process and to help get us through this process. All in all, we have been so very blessed throughout our life together. But, truly one of the greatest blessings has been the sale of his practice. Does he miss his clients? Absolutely! Does he miss the day to day responsibility of running a solo practice? None whatsoever! He is more relaxed and happy. You can actually see it in his face. So, thank you…thank you…woman to women…for gifting me my husband! This is the first time in our married life that I do not have to share him with those particular stressors! And, we are both loving it! So, please take care of yourselves … please take this experience as a WIN for all of us! Thank you!”
Dr. & Mrs. Beatie