Byron Farquer, DVM, AVA
Simmons Pacific & Southwest

Inventory is the second largest expense in the veterinary practice, next to the cost of labor. It often consumes 20% or more of gross revenue and, left unchecked may swell to considerably more. Profitability becomes a challenge when large expense categories are not constrained to appropriate benchmark levels. This guide will help address some of the additional learning and knowledge needed to gain control of your practice’s inventory and facilitate developing an efficient management program. Special thanks to all that contributed. It remains the hope of myself as well as others that this guide assists in some way making the daunting task of inventory management a bit more bearable. The Inventory Management Guide is designed to be a collection of information from the editor and various contributors. It is neither a cohesive work nor a comprehensive collection. Designed to be educational in nature and intended for your personal usage, it should not be distributed for any commercial application.

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