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Veterinary Practice Sales & Appraisals

Since 1977, Simmons has been a trusted business advisor and broker to thousands of veterinarians. We specialize exclusively in veterinary practice salesappraisals, and brokerage.

Simmons can help with:

  • Buying/financing a practice: Our goal is to find the right fit for you, with a location, practice size, and area of specialty where you can excel. Simmons can guide you through every step of the buying process, from identifying the practice that’s the right fit for you to relationships with lenders. We take you from the first handshake to the first day you hold the keys to the practice in your hands.
  • Selling a practice: Veterinarians spend many years building strong relationships with staff and clients. We know it’s important to you that that the new owner continues to take good care of your customers and employees. Simmons walks you through every step of the selling process and helps you maximize the value of your practice.
  • Contracts/negotiations: This can be one of the most challenging and complex parts of changing practice ownership. Our experience makes the contract & negotiation process much smoother for all parties. Having a knowledgeable advisor involved in the negotiations helps minimize conflicts that may arise.
  • Exit strategy: The sooner you begin your exit planning the longer it has to work for you, the more your practice will be worth, and you will minimize your risk exposure. Helping owners develop and execute a well-thought exit strategy in advance of sale is an integral aspect of the advisors at Simmons.

Our team From top left to right:

Joe Stephenson, MA, Simmons Northeast
Jim Stephenson, DVM, CBA, Simmons Northeast
David McCormick, MS, CVA, Simmons MidAtlantic & Simmons Great Lakes
Wilson McManus, DVM, CVPM, Simmons MidSouth
Byron Farquer, DVM, CVA, Simmons Pacific and Simmons Southwest
David King, DVM, CVA, Simmons Southcentral & Simmons Intermountain
Nikki Nitz, CPA, CMA, Simmons Northwest & Simmons Midwest
Dardalee Bussell, DVM, Simmons Pacific & Simmons Southwest
Doyle Watson, DVM, Simmons & Associates Inc & Simmons Southeast
Stacy Cadieux, CBI, Simmons & Associates, Inc, Executive Director
Elizabeth Bellavance, DVM, MBA, Simmons Canada

There are many benefits to working with Simmons:

Leadership and Experience

Simmons is the oldest and most experienced veterinary brokerage and appraisal firm in the nation. No individual or firm has helped more veterinarians through the process of buying or selling a veterinary practice. You can confidently reach for expert advice with a call to any of our 12 regional offices.

Find the Simmons office in your area.

Blanketing the market

Simmons has 12 regional offices ready to go to work for you. We have the ability to blanket the market with our advertising and marketing—something a small regional office simply can’t afford. Our multifaceted advertising and marketing touch every corner of the market.

Simmons has a frequent presence at state, regional, and national meetings, with booths to advertise our listed practices. We are also frequent speakers at:

  • VMX
  • SWVS
  • WVC
  • AVMA
  • AAHA

When we post a new listing, we inform our extensive national database, which quickly puts potential buyers in touch with sellers. This is especially effective for buyers who have registered for Simmons’ Practice Watch Program to receive instant notifications.

Simmons also advertises regularly in JAVMA, Today’s Veterinary Business, Clinician’s Brief, DVM360 and local and state newsletters.


Our fees are determined by several factors. For veterinary practice sales, they are usually based on a percentage of the sales price. For appraisals, we charge a flat or hourly fee.

Knowing the right price

An expert Simmons valuation can be your most important negotiation asset, whether you are buying or selling a veterinary practice. With many factors that affect price and value, Simmons uses expert methodology and decades of experience to guide clients through this crucial step. We work very hard to ensure pricing is fair to both buyers and sellers.

Ensuring confidentiality

Simmons understands the importance of confidentiality. Selling a veterinary practice on your own might fuel speculation among your staff and clients, potentially resulting in an unwanted exodus. In addition, buyers often wish to begin the process of purchasing their own practice before they are ready to inform their current employers.

We strictly require confidentiality agreements from buyers, and screen them prior to releasing sensitive practice information. Simmons also holds buyer information in confidence.

Paving the way

We know what works and what doesn’t. Simmons experts will guide you through the process to ensure a smooth practice transition. If you are buying a veterinary practice, we can assist in interpreting practice and financial data. If you are selling your practice, we offer the guidance and leadership necessary to see the sale through to a successful conclusion.

Speakers Bureau

Several Simmons experts are available to speak at your local, state, regional, or national meetings on topics related to buying, selling, or appraising veterinary practices, or on other practice management topics.

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