Trust the Leader in Veterinary Practice Sales

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When you’re the first to develop a successful system in your field that’s proven time and time again, the industry is bound to follow.  

When Simmons & Associates opened the first national (now international) veterinary practice brokerage firm in 1977, we knew that our success would spawn competition. But we continued to look forward into the future, grow as a company, and innovate even further. 

And we’ve never stopped. 

  • We were founded on the principle of serving the veterinary profession’s practice sales needs. 
  • The unique needs and goals of each of our clients are what drive us. 
  • Because we’re in this business for the long haul, we have always given attention to the individualized goals of each client. 
  • We’re not newcomers who are only here today to capitalize on large corporate transactions. We’re here to stay—for the entire profession.
  • We’ve been at this for almost five decades as the steward and standard of excellence and integrity in our profession for both buying and selling veterinary practices. 

We have sold more practices than any other veterinary practice broker in the country or even the world. Whether it’s a corporate or private doctor-to-doctor practice transaction, we have more experience than anyone else. 

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Interested in Selling?

Follow the leader in veterinary sales. Rely on our 45+ years of experience to take the next step in your veterinary career and find your freedom.

While other brokers were dreaming about their future in the industry, Simmons was closing corporate and private transactions for practice owners. As new corporate players came into the marketplace, Simmons led the charge to ensure the individual, personalized needs and goals of practice owners were achieved in corporate sales. 

We noticed other brokers promoted bundle sales where one owner’s practice would be grouped with several others as a single purchase. We realized immediately that this was not the way to go for either the buyer or the seller. Although a bundled transaction is considerably more lucrative to the broker, it typically does not bode well for the individual owner. 

Just as with a doctor-to-doctor sale, corporate transactions require focused, one-on-one attention. So, Simmons stuck to that course in all our corporate transactions. In the past three years alone, Simmons has brokered more than $2B in sales. In each sale, we’ve worked one-on-one with the seller and buyer. Once again we led the charge in our industry as more and more realized the pitfalls of bundling and changed course, following our lead. 

So why trust the one who follows the leader? Why not hire the leader? The one who created the paradigm, paved the path, and has stayed the course!

At Simmons, we are proud of our long history of giving back to the veterinary profession. In 2002, we founded the Simmons Education Fund (SEF). This fund has contributed over $3M to the profession through state VMA sponsorships, annual student scholarships (over $100K to date!), and sponsored seminars. Simmons associates also contribute meaningful, educational articles and other useful content for veterinarians. These cover a wide range of topics, including: 

We even wrote the book on it: Your Veterinary Practice – Buying, Selling, and Merging. Everything we’ve done has been solely to promote a healthy atmosphere and future for the veterinary profession, the arena we work in and are passionate for.  

Before you engage a broker for the sale or purchase of your practice, you should always call Simmons.  You’ll see the difference.

We know more about veterinary practice sales than anyone in the industry and will provide the highest level of care for you and your transaction. Simmons has always been and continues to be the pacesetter for corporate and private practice sales, forging the path for the right way to operate in the best interest of our clients.  You will see our service, quality, extent of knowledge and advice, and degree of effort exceed that of all others. 

As we have been told by so many others — when you do business with Simmons, you will find that the quality of service and attention to detail are second to none. Simmons’ sincere goal is that our extensive service far surpasses your expectations.

For most veterinarians, practice purchases and sales are done only once. Why not do it right?

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