Selling Your Veterinary Practice

Our Expertise Helps You Sell

After building a successful career and establishing a respected practice, maybe you’ve started thinking about changing course.

Whether retirement is on your horizon, or you’re simply looking to take a step back to make time for other passion projects, we know selling a veterinary practice involves more than just setting a price. You need to make sure you leave your legacy to a new professional team that shares your values, and who will build upon the foundation you worked so hard to put in place.

There are many things to consider and evaluate before selling your practice, and Simmons has the experience to get the best return on your investment. A Simmons advisor can take you through all the steps of preparing, marketing, and selling your veterinary practice.

With our regional expertise and international reach, we will provide:

  • National marketing support
  • Business counsel to appraise and price your practice accurately
  • Confidentiality to help keep your staff and clients free from worry
  • Proprietary database to determine market value and buyer interest
  • Preparing your business to appeal to buyers
  • Advertising to help promote your practice for sale
  • Marketing outreach at trade shows, speaking conventions, and local events
  • Ability to reach veterinarians who are looking for a practice for sale through our website
  • Contract negotiations so you can focus on what is important during your transition
  • Managing the complex process of a corporate sale
  • Transition process to help new owners continue the best practices you put in place

Why Choose Simmons?

Simmons is the leader in corporate and private veterinary practice sales. Our more than four decades of industry experience and knowledge ensure that our deals reach the closing table. We provide exceptional value with our time-tested expertise. Thus ensuring you receive the maximum return on the sale of your biggest asset and that your legacy continues. You will receive unmatched insight and expert advice in an open, honest, and transparent manner to help you realize your goals.

It’s The Biggest Procedure of Your Career

It’s essential to have the right team by your side.

You wouldn’t walk into a complicated surgical procedure without an expert team, so why do it for this once-in-a-lifetime event? You deserve the most qualified and experienced representation available. That’s where Simmons comes in.

  • Maximize Your Return on Investment
  • Negotiate Your Best Terms, Price, and Fit
  • Experienced Advisor on Your Side
  • Maintain Confidentiality

What We Do

You want the expertise of the largest and most experienced brokerage firm when selling your practice. With our regional expertise and North American reach, Simmons can handle your practice sale from start to finish while also providing expertise for a specific part of the transaction.

Simmons is here to help with the big picture and the details, such as negotiations, sample documents, and finding financing.

We can provide guidance and support in any situation, whether you need full representation, transaction facilitation, or just a practice valuation.

When you list your best practice with us, we will represent you and your best interests. We will weed out “window shoppers” and deal only with serious buyers and their advisors. This frees you up to continue practicing medicine without business interruption. Listing services include:

  • A practice valuation (fair market analysis)
  • All costs related to marketing the practice locally, regionally, and nationally
  • Access to Simmons’ national database of buyers
  • Negotiations between you and the buyer and their advisors
  • Assisting the buyer in obtaining financing from a Simmons preferred lender
  • Aid in structuring the transaction (allocations, terms, non-competes, etc.)
  • Working with the closing agent to keep everything moving forward 
  • Expert advice from listing to closing

As a facilitator, we assist both you and your colleague through the steps of the practice sale, with both parties sharing the cost and us handling all of the details through closing. Having an outside expert facilitate your sale can help ease the transition with employees and vendors, resolve concerns that may arise during negotiations, and ensure a collegial relationship between the buyer and seller after the sale. Facilitation service includes:

  • A practice valuation (fair market analysis), unless the price is already set
  • Negotiating all details between the seller and buyer
  • Assistance in obtaining financing for the buyer
  • Aid in structuring the transaction such as allocations, terms, and non-competes
  • Attorney, accountant, insurance agent, and lender referrals
  • Expert advice from negotiations to closing
  • Working with the closing agent to keep everything moving forward

A written valuation is a formal document that describes how we arrived at your practice’s value and details each part of our analysis. Our clients often comment on how detailed, clear, and precise our valuations are.