Corporate Veterinary Practice Sales

Simmons Is Your Expert in Corporate Sales

Whether you’re actively looking to sell your practice or not, you may have already had corporations reach out to you directly with an offer. Or, you may just be getting to know corporate suitors and deciding if you need assistance selecting the best buyer for your practice and negotiating the sale.

Selling your practice has several different factors and moving pieces to consider. If you are preparing for retirement or simply looking for new opportunities, you want to make sure you’re leaving behind the legacy you’ve built in good hands—with a company or individual who values what you do and maintains the culture to which you’ve dedicated your career. You need an experienced advisor to help you navigate these conversations and find the best Corporate Consolidator for your exit strategy goals and your practice’s long-term well-being.

Count on our vast corporate sales experience to provide you with:

  • A complete practice prospectus with relevant data needed for prospective buyers to assess the practice and furnish an offer
  • Exposure to all corporate buyers active in your market, personal relationships with buyers, and in-depth knowledge of how they operate 
  • Business counsel to assess your practice and compare all offers helping you make an informed desicion
  • Utmost confidentiality to help you keep the potential sale discrete until it’s time to announce to your team
  • Comparisons of each corporate suitor to ensure your practice culture and exit strategy goals are being met or exceeded 
  • Negotiations on your behalf to structure the sale to meet your unique goals
  • Managing the complexities of a corporate sale while keeping you involved every step of the way
  • Expert advice in an open, honest, and transparent manner to guide you through complex negotiations and contracts

Why Choose Simmons?

We’ve been in the industry for over four decades. Don’t jump on the first offer you get. Trust the experts at Simmons to find the right buyer for you. We will negotiate on your behalf so that you can feel confident that you’re getting the best offer and protecting your legacy. 

Corporate Sales With Simmons

Having an expert hand guide you through selling to a corporate buyer allows you to enjoy a stress-free transition. With Simmons, you get to decide what matters most to you and feel confident that we will steer corporate negotiations solely to your benefit. We will help you from start to finish so that you never have to navigate the world of corporate sales alone.

Sellers’ biggest fear with corporate sales is that the corporation will change everything they worked so hard to build. 

This fear is valid, and it can be difficult to determine if the Corporate Consolidator’s promises will really ring true after the acquisition is complete. Our network of industry professionals and prior sellers helps us help you decipher which buyer offers the best culture for your practice and ownership exit needs. This, coupled with our negotiating power, is a major reason to partner with Simmons so that you don’t have to traverse the complex process of corporate sales alone. We value what you value, and we want what you want.

There are certain complexities to corporate veterinary sales that differ from one private practice owner selling to another. As industry leaders, we are keenly aware of these intricacies and know how to maneuver through negotiations for our clients to balance out the scales. With our experience, many corporations have come to trust us and know we will exceed expectations for both the seller and the buyer. 


Though we act as an advisor, we will follow your lead throughout the process. Each of our transactions is individually customized and not bundled with other practices for sale. The sale of your veterinary practice is personal, and we respect and honor your needs and goals.

Here at Simmons, we’ve helped hundreds of privately owned veterinary practices navigate the world of corporate sales. We understand there are aspects to consider that don’t just revolve around price. Our advisors will account for what you value most and negotiate the best price and terms for your needs. 

Put experience on your side of the table to maximize your value and ensure a prosperous and stress-free transition. Get in touch for a complimentary, confidential consultation.