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  • client testimonial veterinary practice sale Simmons Northwest – Minnesota

    We can’t thank you enough for all your help. This and you were a blessing from God to help us out of a tough situation. Rich can retire with his head high, we can pay off all the debts, and I can go back to my own career. Nikki, Simmons Northwest, is the best at what they do and worth every penny. Take care, Louise

  • client testimonial veterinary practice sale Dr. Dwight Sinner – Simmons Client Testimonial

    Nikki Nitz told me that she had nearly 30 corporate buyers they dealt with, and I received 6 offers to buy my practice. In the end, I accepted an offer nearly double my best year’s gross, which was far beyond my expectations. Nikki worked very hard to guide me through the potential pratfalls of such a large acquisition, and I am convinced that, in the end, the sales price was nearly $1,000,000 more than I would have received working by myself.

    Nikki Nitz and Simmons and Associates have my highest recommendation and gratitude for successfully guiding me through the largest transition of my life and career. ~ Dr. Dwight Sinner
    Learn Dr. Sinner’s whole story here

  • client testimonial veterinary practice sale Simmons Testimonial – J Harvey, DVM

    Working with Stacy Cadieux & David King, DVM was a sincere pleasure. They asked relevant questions and were honest and upfront with what they needed and what I should expect. Now with the entire process in my rear view mirror, I can sincerely say I am so happy I listened to my colleagues and investigated selling my practice.

    I encourage you as I was encouraged… If retirement is ANYWHERE in your future, look now while the economy and tax rates et al. are on your side. Find a great team to help with the transition and most definitely utilize Stacy and her group at Simmons and Associates to find you the best deal! ~ J. Harvey, DVM • You can read Dr. Harvey’s whole practice sale story here. 

  • client testimonial veterinary practice sale Simmons Testimonial Beverly Cannady, DVM

    I just want to thank you and your crew at Simmons for your time and effort in selling my practice. I greatly appreciate everything you did to help me begin my next chapter. I would highly recommend you to anyone thinking about selling their practice.

    I hear that the Karnes are very happy which warms my heart! I am loving retirement…it was definitely time for me to make the change. I just can’t thank you enough!
    Happily retired, Beverly Cannady, DVM

  • client testimonial veterinary practice sale J Calhoun, DVM

    “I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed and appreciated working with Stacy and David. Your help was invaluable and made the sale easy. I’m kind of disappointed I don’t have anymore clinics to sell. But, it was exciting while it happened.” ~ J. Calhoun, DVM

  • client testimonial veterinary practice sale Dr. Gary C. White and Sharon W. White

    “Your ability to work with both the seller and buyer is what really made the sale of my practice successful. The work of matching a buyer to a seller is just the beginning.  I would highly recommend that anyone considering selling or buying a practice talk to you. Simmons Southeast has the staff and connections to get a successful outcome for both parties.  I know I made the right choice in a practice broker.  My attorney found your insights and expertise invaluable and your fees fair for what we received.  Selling my practice and real estate was no easy undertaking, especially considering how busy I was at the time.  Now that the sale has taken place, I feel that a tremendous weight has been lifted.” ~ Dr. Gary C. White and Sharon W. White

  • client testimonial veterinary practice sale Bruce Carlton, DVM

    “We really enjoyed working with Simmons with the sale of the practice. I feel like it went very smoothly and quickly.” ~ B. Carlton, DVM

  • client testimonial veterinary practice sale Jeff Ogden DVM

    “I had a great experience with Dr. King and Stacy at Simmons Southcentral. They were both professional and straight forward through out the entire process. Highly recommend them to anyone considering a practice sale or acquisition.” ~ Jeff Ogden, DVM

  • R. Keith Myers DVM

    “Two years ago, I made the decision to sell my practice of 36 years. I called a colleague who had just sold his practice and asked about the process. He recommended Simmons & Associates because of their professionalism and their attention to detail. I gave them a call and the process began. I thought to myself, how hard could this be. But as I found out, it was more difficult then I ever imagined. I could have never done this on my own. The staff at Simmons was courteous, professional, and always having my interest at heart trying to secure me the best deal possible. Sixteen months later, I am now retired and loving it. Thank you Simmons Southeast.” ~ R. Keith Myers DVM

  • client testimonial veterinary practice sale Frank Butts, DVM

    “Everything regarding the sale could not have been better. Thanks and best regards, Frank” ~ Frank Butts, DVM

  • Dr. Keith Myers

    Dr. Keith Myers shares his veterinary practice transition story.

  • Anthone R. Damianakis, Esq

    “I want to compliment you and your staff on the professionalism in behalf of Dr. Conrad in this transaction. I’ve not seen a broker pay so much attention to detail and become so active in a transaction. Thanks to your efforts, Dr. Conrad is able to just step right from practice into closing with basically a seamless effort.” ~ Anthone R. Damianakis, Esq.

  • Jim McClellan, DVM

    “Since retirement, I have done some traveling, have taken up kayaking, spent more time with my grandkids and have volunteered to umpire little league games this spring. You all have helped to make all of this possible and I am very grateful for your hard work on my behalf. Be proud of the work you do. Your organization skills, attention to detail, and most importantly, your people skills are top notch. Thanks again for making my plans come true.” ~ Jim McClellan, DVM

  • John Davis, DVM

    “We want to sincerely thank you for all your help and hard work in the sale of our practice. I really believe it couldn’t have happened without you. We have been working side-by-side with (the new owner) for these past few weeks and believe he was the perfect fit. We appreciate everything.” ~ John Davis, DVM

  • Jim Delker, DVM

    “Simmons & Associates’ experience, knowledge, and persistent attitude proved invaluable for us. They made sure both buyer and seller were completing tasks in a timely manner. Their diligence and close attention to details saves headaches as you approach closing. Simmons & Associates’ experience with practice sales also helped us avoid conflicts by giving us unbiased solutions based on practical experience.” – Jim Delker, DVM

  • Sandra C. Kudrak, DVM

    “From the very beginning of the practice analysis to the closing, Simmons & Associates was always available to guide me through the sale of my practice. They targeted many potential buyers, contacting them by mail, e-mail, and phone, and through journal ads and flyers. I was kept informed at all times of who had been contacted and what information had been released. The process was as user friendly as any such major financial transaction could possibly be.” – Sandra C. Kudrak, DVM, Diplomate ABVP

  • Philip R. Crabtree, DVM

    “I chose Simmons & Associates for their experience as practicing veterinarians, brokers, and professional yet easy-going style. Having been through the sales of their own practices, they are aware of the emotional highs and lows involved in giving up this part of your life. We received our full asking price and our terms were met.” ~ Philip R. Crabtree, DVM

  • Larry A. Eld, DVM

    “Simmons & Associates implemented a nationwide advertising campaign and personally responded to all inquiries. This allowed me to continue practicing veterinary medicine and operating my business with minimal interruption. My practice sold within a few months and Simmons & Associates handled all closing details in a timely and efficient manner.” – Larry A. Eld, DVM

  • Rod Moe, CPA PA

    Listen as Rod Moe, CPA PA, talks about his experience with Simmons.

  • Mary Sullivan, DVM

    “Thank you for all of your help and support. It finally happened! We are having a lot of fun. Great staff! Good practice! Good clients!” ~ Mary Sullivan, DVM

  • Wendy Welsh, DVM

    “Your integrity and straight forward approach made us feel comfortable that our best interest was being fully served. Such an important step in one’s career should be made with careful consideration. Each situation is unique, and you had a grasp of all of the issues that were important to both the buyer and seller.” ~ Wendy Welsh, DVM

  • Richard Swanson, DVM

    Simmons & Associates advisors have provided me with the insight necessary to be successful in this competitive profession. Their dedication to our profession is unquestioned, as they daily demonstrate the highest degree of ethical standards and professionalism. Their teamwork approach is important in the field of veterinary practice appraisals, brokerage, and third-party negotiations. Colleagues enlisting their help are assured of a personal touch, a sincere effort to satisfy, and a team of hard-working professionals.” ~ Richard Swanson, DVM, past president, American Veterinary Medical Association

  • Tena Gallagher, DVM

    “Your guidance and the contract made the transition smooth because we had covered the important details before the sale.” ~ Tena Gallagher, DVM

  • Dr. Dennis Leon

    “As you know, we closed earlier today. Lots of stumbling blocks along the way, but we made it. I know you guys work for the seller, but you’ve been very helpful and kind to me during the process.” ~ Dr. Dennis Leon

  • Kevin Hills McArthur, Pinnacle Title Company, LLC

    “I wanted to thank both of you for being so careful and understanding of our situation. I know it was difficult dealing with an appraisal of little value, along with handling a family still grieving from the loss of their father/husband. This has been a difficult time for the family, but through talking with both Dr. Watson and yourself, Beverly, it has made the entire process bearable. I am thrilled to have this concluded with no surprises or catches. I will happily pass along your name to any people in need of your services.” ~ Kevin Hills McArthur, Pinnacle Title Company, LLC

  • Johan Nieuwoudt, DVM

    “Excellent experience overall – very helpful with expertise in obtaining lenders, legal advice and many other aspects. I would strongly recommend to others.” ~ Johan Nieuwoudt, DVM

  • Andrew Dooley, DVM

    “Earlier this year I purchased my first animal hospital through your brokerage. It was a very nerve racking and stressful experience to say the least, but for my first time through the process it went as well as I could have possibly hoped. It was an absolute pleasure to work with your office. I will recommend you to anyone and everyone and I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.” ~ Andrew Dooley, DVM

  • Perry Sheets, DVM

    “I was very happy with the expertise shown by Simmons & Associates in the sale of my practice. Due to their knowledge in evaluating and problem solving we closed in 3 months. I understand that this is a little unusual. Thank you Dr. King.” ~ Perry Sheets, DVM

  • Todd McCoy, DVM

    “Made the acquisition much easier. I wouldn’t think of doing it alone!” ~ Todd McCoy, DVM

  • Nadine Oakley, V.M.D. & John C. Simms, V.M.D., M.S.

    Another great client testimonial! This one from Nadine Oakley, V.M.D. and John C. Simms, V.M.D., M.S. Hear about how they sold their veterinary practice with the assistance of Simmons.

  • Jim Leach, DVM

    “We send a special thank you for giving so much of your time and efforts to make our dreams come true. We know for a fact, without you, it would never have happened.” ~ Jim Leach, DVM

  • Errol Littleton, DVM

    “The sale of my practice was handled in a very efficient and professional manner. I even had comments from prospective buyers that Simmons & Associates were more professional than other brokers they had dealt with.” ~ Errol Littleton, DVM

  • Dr. Billie Rush, DVM

    Dr. Billie Rush, DVM, shares her veterinary practice purchase story and her experience with Simmons.

  • Jennifer DiTrapani & Nathan Gimbal, DVM’s

    “It all started with a crazy idea, and Doyle trying to make sense of it all; through the practice purchase drama last year; racking up phone bills; continuously bugging all the good people at Live Oak; and all the way to making the construction of our new hospital a reality. We’ve been through a lot, and we want to thank you all for comprising Our Team!” ~ Jennifer DiTrapani, DVM & Nathan Gimbal, DVM

  • Mary Sue McGovern, DVM

    “I attempted to sell this practice without the assistance of a broker without success. Dr. King assimilated a group of individuals that provided the expertise to maintain the momentum in order to market and sell my practice and real estate in 6 months. It was a very positive experience.” ~ Mary Sue McGovern, DVM

  • Karri & Judd McCreary, DVM’s

    “Very, very helpful! I could not have navigated the purchase of the practice without them!” ~ Karri & Judd McCreary, DVM’s

  • Bill Olhman, DVM

    “On Dec 31 at 4:15PM, we signed on the dotted line and a check was passed across the table. We sold the clinic and I am officially retired. We had been working with Simmons Midwest for almost two years and finally brought it to completion. These people are affiliated with Larry McCormick, DVM and I highly recommend using them if you are considering doing what I just did.” ~ Bill Olhman, DVM

  • R. Westwood, DVM

    “I want to say thank you to you both. There is no way we could have accomplished this sale and remained sane. I have realized my dream of being a practice owner!” ~ R. Westwood, DVM

  • Sally Mobraaten, DVM

    “Dr. Farquer was a steady, knowledgeable and objective helper throughout the purchase process. At all times, he has our best interests and the seller’s at heart. He always supported us professionally and we are totally pleased with his help to us. Others on staff were helpfully supportive at all times.” ~ Sally Mobraaten, DVM

  • Jim Connell, DVM

    “Having Simmons Great Lakes value my practice was an eye opening experience. Now I know what to do to improve my practice’s financial health and value.” ~ Jim Connell, DVM

  • Nathan Maxson, DVM

    “The whole process of valuation, listing, and selling of my practice was taken from a business level upwards to a friendship level because of the care and work exhibited by Dr. King and Stacy. My heartfelt thanks go to them.” ~ Nathan Maxson, DVM

  • Dr. Lee Reeves

    Dr. Lee Reeves shares his experience with Simmons as he sold his practice in Plano, Texas.

  • Susan Petro, DVM

    “Simmons Southeast lived up to their promise of working for me, the seller. I had mixed feelings about selling my practice so Doyle walked me through the appraisal process. Having an appraisal done is one step every practice owner should take to align their expectations with those of the market. The sale of my clinic was complicated, took over a year and a half, and might not have been successful were it not for the diligence of Sheila and the Simmons team. I feel they went the “extra mile” and I highly recommend them to anyone contemplating selling their veterinary business.” ~ Susan Petro, DVM

  • Helene Bergeron, DVM

    “I truly enjoyed working with you for the sale of the clinic. For all the respect you gave us, and your professionalism, I thank you.” ~ Helene Bergeron, DVM

  • Craig Williams, DVM

    “Thank you for a job well done. Stacy and David did a great job of facilitating and advising us in this transaction. I really appreciate all you did and the calming counsel in the midst of the fray. You do good work for the people you represent.” ~ Craig Williams, DVM

  • Tom & Denise Englert

    “We can’t thank you enough for all the support you gave us as we worked through the process of selling our practice. Your calm and sensible demeanor guided most of our decisions and your understanding of our fears made it easy for us to see that you have seen “it all” and would provide good guidance.” ~ Tom & Denise Englert

  • Julie Sullivan, Esq

    “Dr. Goebel, Simmons Great Lakes, is a true gentleman and expert in his field. His testimony was both cerebral and practical. I am very confident that we presented the more credible case at trial on value and goodwill with his assistance.” ~ Julie Sullivan, Esq

  • Mark Ziller, President & CEO, Innovetive Petcare Inc

    “We are excited to have closed on the acquisition and have the clinic part of the Innovetive Petcare family of hospitals. You did a great job coordinating and facilitating the entire process, and we really appreciate all of your efforts. I hope we have many more opportunities to work together in the future.” ~ Mark Ziller, President & CEO, Innovetive Petcare Inc

  • Diane Fourie, DVM

    “Well everything went very smoothly and I want to thank you so very much for all of the help, support and good advice that you provided to me over the last five months. You were so easy to work with and so good at what you do! I couldn’t have done it without you. I will be sure and tell all of my friends in the veterinary community to call you in the future! Thank you again and again…” ~ Diane Fourie, DVM

  • N. McClimon, DVM

    “I owe you a great deal for helping make me a practice owner and I am very appreciative. It has been an incredible 2.5 months in so many ways (logistical, emotional, financial). It is almost hard to believe it happened, but it was a minor miracle for my life and I am thankful to a lot of people including you.” ~ N. McClimon, DVM

  • C. Cangeleri, DVM

    “I want to thank you once again for all your help in facilitating the process, for educating us and for providing a sounding board for our ideas. That was huge, especially for me. You’ve earned your commission. I would say anyone trying to undertake a deal like this one would be a fool not to employ a professional like yourself.” ~ C. Cangeleri, DVM

  • Sheryl Carls, DVM

    “I could never thank you enough for your attention to detail, your unselfish giving of your time, your honesty, your knowledge and your understanding of the profession. I wish you all – all the best. And, with all sincerity, I thank you & thank you & thank you.” ~ Sheryl Carls, DVM

  • Jim Murray, DVM

    “Dr. King and Stacy Cadieux truly offer a superior service when it comes to transitioning a veterinary practice. They proved to be extremely knowledgeable, attentive and compassionate at every step along the road towards the sale of my practice. There are many complexities of the deal including business basics, timing and the blending of personalities – Simmons Southcentral was able to get us to the finish line and handle every bump in the road. They have the experience, connections and the vision to set their clients up for success who are looking to move into the next phase of their career.” ~ Jim Murray, DVM

  • Cynthia Massey, DVM

    “Very appreciative of your service. We always felt confident in the advice you gave and your availability when we had questions. We are very appreciative of all you did to smooth a potentially stressful life transition.” ~ Cynthia Massey, DVM

  • Farshid Kiaei, DVM

    I found Dr. Farquer was a very honest person in giving me proper information. I appreciate his time and help a lot. I’m looking forward to working with him in the future. He is a very knowledgeable and experienced person. I recommend Dr. Farquer to everyone. ~ Farshid Kiaei, DVM

  • Dr. Joann Timmerman & John Hollstein

    Dr. Joann Timmerman & John Hollstein discuss the sale of their veterinary practice with Simmons & Associates.

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