Simmons is dedicated to educating veterinarians.

Since 1977, Simmons has been helping veterinarians buy and sell their practices. As the first and most experienced national—and international—veterinary brokerage and appraisal firm, we have developed a host of resources about the business of veterinary practice and are committed to sharing these tools with veterinary professionals. Discover how you can benefit from our knowledge through our veterinary practice management resources. Here you will find long- and short-form content for veterinarians as well as information about upcoming live and virtual events.

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Simmons & Associates participates in events and conferences across North America and hosts in-person and virtual events throughout the year. Explore where you can connect with Simmons by browsing the upcoming opportunities.

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We write articles each month to address the issues facing the veterinary industry and answer the questions veterinarians are asking. You can filter articles by topic or browse through our most recent articles for veterinarians.

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Our eBooks are free guides that cover a variety of subjects within the veterinary industry. We have topics covering veterinary practice financial health, the benefits of owning your own practice, and what to expect from corporate sales. We’re continuing to grow this library of veterinarian resources. Download and read our current eBooks today!

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Are you looking to buy a practice? Our Simmons Practice Watch will send you personalized updates about practices for sale in the regions you select. Get updates on new practice listings in all 50 states and Canada, so you can be the first to act on new opportunities. Fill out our form, and we’ll send these updates straight to your inbox.

When It Comes to Veterinary Practice Brokerage, We Wrote the Book on It!

Want a physical resource to reference while preparing for the buying, selling, or merging process? Grow your knowledge and understanding of veterinary practice sales and purchases with our book, Your Veterinary Practice — Buying, Selling and Merging. Published by the Simmons Education Fund, the book provides case studies, statistics, FAQs, and industry tips. Learn how to make the buying and selling process as smooth as possible for you, your team, and everyone involved in your transaction. Proceeds from the sale of the book support the Simmons Education Fund!

Don’t Just Survive in the Veterinary Industry—Thrive!

Veterinarians know how to take care of animals extraordinarily well. Unfortunately, business skills, vital for running a sustainably profitable practice, are often lacking due to gaps in education. “The Profitable Vet” was written by six skilled veterinary and financial professionals, including our very own David McCormick, MS, CVA, Sherry Everhart, CVT, CMA, and Dick Goebel, DVM. 

Watch our Webinars

Our webinars offer insightful sessions on various topics within the veterinary industry, all for free. Dive into subjects like veterinary practice financial health, the advantages of practice ownership, and navigating corporate sales. We’re constantly expanding our collection of veterinarian resources through engaging webinar content. Join us for our latest webinars and enrich your knowledge today!

Simmons Educational Fund

The Simmons Educational Fund is supporting the future of veterinary leaders. We’ve donated more than $3 million to scholarships, educational programs, and industry awards.