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Elizabeth Bellavance, DVM, MBA

  • Veterinary Valuation Council of VetPartners (2005-present).
  • Canadian Institute of Business Valuators – successful completion of core curriculum including introductory, intermediate, and advanced business and securities valuation courses.
  • CMA – Certified Management Accountant program 2001-2003 (Retired CMA)
  • Previous speaking engagements with the North American Veterinary Conference (Orlando), the Western Veterinary Conference (Las Vegas), and the OVMA
  • Certified Exit Planning Advisor CEPA – (2008-present)
  • Licensed Real Estate Agent in Ontario and British Columbia
  • Contributing author to the Veterinary Valuation Council’s publications: “The No-Lo Practice, Avoiding a Practice Worth Less”, “Valuation Essentials for Veterinarians” and Blackwell’s Five Minute Veterinary Management Consult: “Determining a Practice’s Worth” chapter co-author