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Selling Your Veterinary Practice – Private vs Corporate

By, David King, DVM, CVA, Simmons Southcentral - Download PDF of article: Selling Your Veterinary Practice - Private vs Corporate Just like just about anything in life, deciding to sell a veterinary practice can be made easier with a little knowledge and a little...

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Exit Planning – 10 Things Not To Do!

While every veterinary practice ownership transaction is different, after over 100 successful transactions we have noticed a few common pitfalls and traps for the owner/seller. Whether your exit is imminent or 15+ years from now, here are a few to watch out for on...

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Veterinary Practice Profitability Trends and Tips

By: Kirsten Poppen, JD, CVA, Simmons Midwest - You’re proud of your practice and with good reason. You have an attractive facility, a well-trained staff, newer equipment, and a solid client base. Overall, yours is a comprehensive, client-oriented practice. Yet perhaps...

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Who Can Afford to Buy & Can You Afford to Wait to Sell?

Nikki Nitz, CPA, CMA Simmons Northwest Who Can Afford to Buy We get asked regularly, “Are there buyers who can afford to buy?” The quick answer is YES! When a practice is priced fairly the profits of the practice cover the debt payments the buyer needs to make as well...

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Is Veterinary Practice Ownership For You?

David McCormick, MS & Sherry Everhart BS, RVT -  For many veterinarians, the thought of being your own boss is quite appealing. This can be especially true depending on your current employment arrangement. Thoughts of making the rules and key decisions, practicing...

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