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How to Buy a Fixer Upper Veterinary Practice

By: Jim Stephenson, DVM, CBA and Joe Stephenson, MA – Simmons Northeast | It’s tough out there for veterinary practice buyers today. Every year a few new investors and/or corporate consolidators call me looking to spend way too much money on 2+ doctor practices. So how can you, the young, ambitious associate compete for 2+ […]

3 Reasons You Didn’t Get the Results You Wanted in 2017

Nikki Nitz, CPA, CMA, Owner of Simmons Northwest and Simmons Midwest –  You have been in business for a few years. You work way more hours than you want, missing out on family and life activities. Yet you are not providing the finances or the lifestyle for your family as you had envisioned when you became […]

Stock Volatility and Consolidator Veterinary Practice Price

By, Joe Stephenson, Simmons Northeast – If you have any money in the stock market, your heart probably jumped as volatility returned. Historically this would have some, but not a significant, effect on veterinary practice sale prices, but with the emergence of a robust marketplace of consolidators, the rules changed for practices big enough to […]

Laboratory Service Agreements – Know the nuances behind your signature

Written by: Doyle Watson, DVM, Simmons  Southeast – The great majority of today’s small animal practices operate their lab services with an out-sourcing company under a formal service agreement. Unfortunately for many however, we see that the practice signatory is often unaware of the ingredients of the contract and the significance of their signature. It is […]

Exit Planning – 10 Things Not To Do!

While every veterinary practice ownership transaction is different, after over 100 successful transactions we have noticed a few common pitfalls and traps for the owner/seller. Whether your exit is imminent or 15+ years from now, here are a few to watch out for on your path forward, a list of what not to do. Give […]

Improving Veterinary Practice Value at the Employee Hiring Stage

Jim Connelly, CEO and Founder of Org Ex, uses the science of human behavior to assist business owners with their hiring decisions. Mr. Connelly has conducted over 2,000 behavior based interviews which are interviews designed to predict the future behavior of an applicant based on their past behavior. The interview techniques are commonly used by […]

Veterinary Practice Profitability Trends and Tips

By: Kirsten Poppen, JD, CVA, Simmons Midwest – You’re proud of your practice and with good reason. You have an attractive facility, a well-trained staff, newer equipment, and a solid client base. Overall, yours is a comprehensive, client-oriented practice. Yet perhaps you have concerns that your bottom line profits aren’t where you’d like them to […]