Trust the Leader in Veterinary Practice Sales

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When you’re the first to develop a successful system in your field that’s proven time and time again, the industry is bound to follow.   When Simmons & Associates opened the first national (now international) veterinary practice brokerage firm in 1977, we knew that our success would spawn competition. But we continued to look forward into […]

Why Now Is an Optimal Time To Buy a Veterinary Practice

find your freedom with veterinary practice ownership

Call us crazy but a downturn in the market is the perfect time to take the leap of faith and buy a veterinary practice. Here’s why!  Stop here. Close your eyes. The year is 2007. Some of you might have been just starting your career in veterinary medicine, and others may have been too young […]

Reasons for Practice Ownership in Under 5 Minutes

What are the advantages of veterinary practice ownership? Should you buy a veterinary practice? Dr. Byron Farquer, DVM, CVA explains the financial benefits that accrue through ownership. Buying a Veterinary Practice can be a frightening undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be! Simmons Inc. has been helping veterinarians purchase practices for over 45 years, and […]

Buying a Veterinary Practice – What You Need to Know

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If autonomy, directing a small team, and having prospects for affluence is essential to you, then owning your own veterinary practice may be the right choice. But, buying a veterinary practice doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark. This article highlights the most common misconceptions and misunderstandings we’ve heard over the last 45+ years. […]

Veterinary Practice Visit Checklist

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At Simmons, we realize that a veterinary practice visit can be exciting and sometimes overwhelming. We have compiled a checklist of items you will want to take note of while in the practice and the community. PDF of the Veterinary Practice Visit Checklist We do ask that all financial questions and discussions of price & […]

What to Know When Reconsidering Veterinary Practice Ownership

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By: Nikki Nitz, CPA, CMA – Simmons Northwest & Simmons Midwest A common theme heard from potential clients is, “I just want to be a doctor and practice medicine. I don’t want to deal with all the management headaches anymore.” Can you relate? Are you reconsidering veterinary practice ownership? Let’s look at the causes of […]

The Pathway to Veterinary Practice Ownership With a Degree and Student Debt

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David King, DVM, CVA – Simmons Southcentral In the past, the recently graduated DVM had several options when deciding on a career path. Most of the time, the path led to practice ownership, but that may not be the case now. The reasons may include a fear of taking on even more debt, watching a […]

How to Buy a Fixer-Upper Veterinary Practice

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It’s tough out there for today’s veterinary practice buyers. A few new investors or corporate consolidators call every year looking to spend way too much money on 2+ doctor practices. So how can you — the young, ambitious associate — compete for 2+ doctor practices? You can’t unless you get lucky enough to find a […]

Who Can Afford to Buy, and Can You Afford to Wait to Sell?

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Nikki Nitz, CPA, CMASimmons Northwest At Simmons, we get asked regularly about veterinary practice ownership, “Are there buyers who can actually afford to buy?” The quick answer is yes! There are a few considerations to keep in mind, so read on as we outline them for you. Who Can Afford to Buy? When a practice […]

Is Veterinary Practice Ownership For You?

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For many veterinarians, the thought of owning your own practice and being your own boss is quite appealing. This can be especially true if your current employment arrangement is less than stellar. Thoughts of making the rules and key decisions, practicing medicine your way, leading the charge, increasing your earning capability, and so on, can […]