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What Kind of Practice Appraisal Do You Need?

Jim Stephenson, DVM ~ Simmons Northeast This discussion is a focus on business (practice) appraisals but many of the premises can be applied to real estate appraisals as well. Optional formats exist for practice (business) appraisals, depending on your need, (purpose of the appraisal), your budget, and your time frame. Variation also exists in the […]

Moving In and Moving Out – The Ins and Outs of Buying and Selling a Practice Everyone Forgets to Mention

VIN ROUNDS NOVEMBER 4, 2007 For a PDF of this Article, Click Here: Moving In & Moving Out – The Ins and Outs of Buying & Selling a Practice Everyone Forgets to Mention Jim Stephenson, DVM President—Appraiser Simmons & Associates Northeast, P.C. Good evening to all and thank you for your time and attention tonight. […]

Alternative Exit Strategies for Small Grossing Veterinary Practices

Byron Farquer, DVM, Simmons Pacific June 3, 2007 For the full transcript visit: Alternative Exit Strategies For Low-Grossing Practices Tonight we will be discussing Alternative Exit Strategies for small grossing veterinary practices and some of the more common elements and issues that affect a practice’s successful sale and financing in the marketplace. Certainly, profit is […]

Mergers: For the Practice at Risk

Richard A. Goebel, DVM, Simmons Great Lakes For the full transcript visit: Mergers For Practices At Risk As An Exit Strategy Trends Affecting the Practice Market While the balance between buyers and sellers seems to be in equilibrium at the moment, the next decade may reveal a different trend. The post-WWII population explosion, commonly referred […]

Avoiding Practice Purchase Pitfalls

David Gerber, DVM, Simmons Northwest For the entire transcript visit: Avoiding Practice Purchase Pitfalls Tonight we will be discussing some of the most common pitfalls we see time and time again surrounding the purchase or sale of a practice. By identifying them here and discussing solutions, it is my hope that you will be able […]

What Creates Veterinary Practice Value?

David Gerber, DVM, Simmons Northwest Strictly speaking, a veterinary practice’s value is a function of its profitability. It is profitability that determines the maximum amount for which a practice can sell and still satisfy the financial requirements of buyers and lenders. But there are other intangible qualities that make one practice more “valuable to buyers […]

Reducing the Impact of Educational Debt – Veterinary Profession

Dr. Richard Goebel, October 16, 2005 Educational debt has been growing faster than starting salaries. What are the implications for those entering veterinary practice and for their employers. Tonight we plan to discuss the implications for significant debt for borrowers before graduation and after graduation, and implications for employers of new graduates with significant educational […]