Corporate Consolidators: A Survival Guide for Practice Owners

Corporate Consolidators

If you own a veterinary practice, you have likely been approached by at least one Corporate Consolidator wanting to talk to you about purchasing your veterinary practice. It seems like almost every day a new group is becoming Veterinary Corporate Consolidators.  For a few years now there has been a lot of corporate activity going […]

Are You Sure Your Veterinary Practice Is Making a Profit?

Over time practice appraisers and brokers will invariably become aware of a disturbing phenomenon in the veterinary medicine profession — a significant number of practices valued substantially lower than expected. Since practice value is closely tied to profit, these practices have meager profitability. But what is even more disturbing is that most of these practice […]

Practice Valuations: Is It Time for a Paradigm Change?

stethoscope on top of calculator

by Doyle Watson, DVM | Co-founder and CEO, Simmons & Associates, Inc. Has the time come when we, as veterinary practice appraisers and brokers, should reconsider the parameters of fair market value for the general small animal practice? For the past several years, corporate America has told us so, and now the commercial lenders are […]

What to Look for in a Corporate Sale

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by Carly Watson Tobler and Evan Watson, Simmons Southeast Receiving Offers from Corporate Buyers? Here are some considerations to help decide if selling to corporate is the right path for you. If you are a practice owner, there is a good chance that you have been contacted by multiple corporate groups to purchase your practice […]

$15,000 Awarded to Virginia – Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine Student

Simmons Educational Fund – Committed to Investing in the Next Generation of Veterinarians The Simmons Educational Fund (SEF) honored Sara Beth Dodson, a student at the Virginia – Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, with the prestigious SEF National Business Aptitude Award. Sara was selected as the SEF’s 2019 Business Aptitude Award winner where her resume […]

Mistakes Owners Make That Hurt Their Practice’s Value

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Practice owners focus so much on the daily challenges of patient care, client service, and staff management that they overlook factors affecting profitability and practice value. In this session, the authors discuss the most important factors that drive down value. Some may involve circumstances beyond your control, while others are manageable if properly addressed. We […]

Your First 6 Weeks of Veterinary Practice Ownership

Byron Farquer, DVM, CVABuying a practice is so exciting you can almost feel tangible energy in the air! There are also significant potential mistakes lurking in the shadows, and you can choose to blindly plod through the early days of ownership or tread carefully and wisely. The single most important piece of advice in veterinary […]

10 Steps to Increase Your Veterinary Practice Value

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When evaluating your veterinary practice, you do not want to be surprised by what you find out. That is why it is necessary to have a current knowledge of its value as well as what you can do to increase it. Read on to learn the steps you can take to help your practice be […]

Why You Need a Veterinary Practice Purchase Feasibility Analysis

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David McCormick MS and Sherry Everhart BS, CVT –  Buying a practice is often a better alternative to starting a practice. An existing practice has a facility equipped with trained staff, and it serves an established client base. Most significantly, it has an existing level of profitability. These attributes can help a new owner avoid […]

Can You See Your Veterinary Practice Exit?

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By David King, DVM, CVASimmons Southcentral –  Wow, 2020 was rough but like most challenges veterinarians persevered. Now it’s 2021 and there are new issues facing practice owners deciding on an exit strategy. There seems to be a shortage of veterinarians which may good if you are looking for a job but bad if you […]